I was on the fence about writing this, as it seems like the topic of health issues is all I'm posting about. However, after thinking further about it, I thought the entry might be helpful to someone else. If not, then it might be for me, as I'm getting pretty stressed.

About a month ago, as you may remember, Vikki was in the hospital for a few days to get a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) under control. Vikki had fluids and antibiotics by drip for four days and that seemed to get the lion's share of the issue under control. We were sent home with directions to continue with antibiotics for 10 days and were told that should take care of the rest of the problem. Back then we were told we'd be getting a call to schedule post exams and tests which would give us further clues as to why this happened.

Vikki finished her antibiotics last Monday (a week ago today) and everything seemed fine. When she had her tests on Thursday morning her temp was 98.9F, but that wasn't a concern, as it was only .3 over "normal." The tests were done and some of the results were immediate, like the x-rays, which showed valves that didn't seal off the bacteria, so surgery could be in the near future.

Fast forward to last night. Vikki had a temperature of 102.4F and her diaper was smelling strong, so we called her Doctor's office. When the the on-call Doctor called us back, we were told to go and have her get a urine sample. Like last time, it came back as positive for a UTI. We were handed a prescription for an antibiotic and told to alternate Ibuprofen and Tylenol for the fever and to call her primary care Doctor this morning.

Lynn, as I write this, is on the phone with Vikki's Doctor's Office to find out where to go next. I hope there isn't another stint in the hospital and I hope we caught this UTI in time. If she needs hospitalization, please let it be for the surgery to correct the issue.

As it turns out it, was the nurse calling us back. we're now waiting for the Doctor's call.

I know my daughter's issues are light compared to some, and I know there are children who have it much worse in terms of medical problems. To those children and families suffering, I hope and pray everyone can have a life without an IV pole and be limitless with their activity and enjoy life without concern of their serious medical condition reoccurring. Love to you all.