Well, the roller coaster of a week continues. As I wrote about last Thursday, I had a car accident on Western Avenue in Augusta heading home from work. If that weren’t enough trouble, at some point Saturday night I lost my wallet. I knew I didn’t have it on me on Sunday but I wasn’t going anywhere, so never thought anything about it. Could have been on the night-stand?  I was holding the party on Sunday which I posted about yesterday. Okay, yesterday I’m looking for my wallet before heading to work. Yes, with my license, debit and credit cards. So far so good, no one has attempted anything which leads me to believe that my wallet is either someplace really weird in the house, in good hands or at a lost-in-found. The last place I remember having it and using it was at the Auburn Walmart buying stuff for the party on Sunday.   Early this morning, I reported all of my credit cards lost, yes I probably have too many, but that’s a post for another time.

My bigger problem was not having my license for the rental I was given while my car was to be at the collision center. Luckily my wife was able to sign and drive it away. After dropping off the car for an estimate was the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) to get me a new license. A good 30 minutes in wait until my number was called. Yes, a temporary license and it was only $5. Next errand was the credit union for a new debit card and to touch base with my balance. Everything there was a-okay there as well. Mission accomplished. While I’m at the credit union, I figure it maybe a good time to pick up my title for the injured car which was paid off in February. They apparently mailed it back then, some eight months ago. I believe them, just I didn’t get it? Maybe I did and thought it was a life insurance policy push or some other junk packet and tossed it? So now I need to apply for a “lost” duplicate title. Back to the BMV, this time we wait 45 minutes. The guy at the BMV said I should have the title in two weeks.  Which is sooner than my license? But anyway my whole morning of getting my life back took about four hours.

The good news, my car is getting fixed, over $4000 in damages and I’m getting a little somethin’ for the back strain I had last Wednesday and Thursday. My advice, if you feel any pain at all, have it checked out.

A pic of the rental, 2012 Nissan Altima  (Make and Model) Mario Tama, Getty Images