Today is National Deep Fried Clam Day! They are my favorite thing to get when I’m out at a seafood restaurant. I prefer my fried clams breaded over battered and with cocktail sauce over tartar sauce.

A few of my favorite restaurants to get fried clams are The Chickadee in Lewiston on Lisbon St. Grid Iron on Lisbon St. in Lewiston is fairly good as well. The closest to our house and probably the least expensive is Mac’s Seafood. They’re pretty darn delicious on Minot Avenue too.

Do you like fried clams? How do you eat them, battered or breaded? Do you use cocktail sauce, tartar or something else? Where do you like to get your fried clams? I know, a lot of questions for you on a Friday night.

All I can say I dig the fried clams!