Today, April 30, is 'National Hairstyle and Hairstylist Appreciation Day.' In my life, I have had hairstyles ranging from the bowl cut, spiky, a mullet, tapered back and sides, long with no bangs, parts, no parts, sideburns on as well as sideburns off. It’s a rather difficult task keeping up with hairstyles. There was the wet gel look, hairspray, big hair and subdued styles. Styles ebb andflow.

In a pinch, my wife has cut my hair and done a good job at it too. I’ve been to higher-priced salons, schools and places in between to have my hair cut. The schools do a great job at hair. The students maybe slightly slower, but you do come out looking like a fresh new man or woman as the case may be. Nothing gets done without the oversight of a teacher for just $5.

Have you heard the expression "the only difference between a good cut and a bad one is a week?" Do you have any regrettable hairstyles? Any hairdressers you love? I was a bigger hair junkie in my youth. I went peroxide blonde for about a year at 16, it was pretty sweet. I think it might have been a football rookie hazing that caught on as a hairstyle?

For the most part, I've rocked the same basic cut since I was 24. There have been variations in length and hair product, but basically I have had the same do. You've seen my hair today, so how about my hair from yesteryear? This is a bit self-serving I know, but hopefully you get a chuckle, I know I do in embarrassment.