Augusta Native and U.S. Olympian Julia Clukey was with her nephew Wednesday night enjoying the 92 Moose Free Family Halloween Party and was outed by my very observant eye! Actually, I was tipped off by a couple of other party goers that she was in the house so I scanned the crowd and found her!

Julia is one of the most down-to-earth, sweetest people you'll ever meet and, in spite of the fact she just won the national women's luge championship last Saturday in Lake Placid, she was just there to enjoy time with family and if I didn't know she'd just won this title, ending Erin Hamlin's five year reign as champion, I wouldn't have known.  She's not one who, even though she's regularly on the world stage, would ever blow her own horn. That's why I'm doing it for her!

After a short visit here in the Augusta area, she's off to Russia for more competition and then, the inevitable training for the next Winter Olympics.

Julia, you're a class act.  Best of luck and lots of love and good wishes from your hometown!