Saturday is our Made in Maine Expo. This is a convention of all things, made here in our great state. We’ll have everything from food to furniture to jewelry to health and beauty products.

In the realm of health and beauty, what is one of your concerns while out hiking or really just walking though some infrequently traveled paths? Bugs maybe, but also poison ivy I’m sure.

If you do accidentally rub up against poison ivy, you will probably get a rash and be itchy for awhile, well one of our vendors at the 'Made in Maine' Expo will be here to help in your comfort in the wake of such an attack, or if you don’t or never been in contact with poison ivy, it’s still not a bad idea to have a remedy on hand; a natural working remedy at that.

Nature’s Poison Ivy Relief will be on hand with their Native American recipe which really works. All of the ingredients are found here. After a simple a quick preparation and application to the affected area on your skin (4-5 times daily) you will see the results in 24-48 hours. The itch will be gone.

Nature’s Poison Ivy Relief is just one of the dozens of companies at the 'Made in Maine' expo this Saturday at the Colby College field house from 9 am to 4 pm. Hope to see you there.