I have an Instagram friend who brought this to my attention yesterday. It's a documentary on Netflix called 'Anamism!' It's about people who love objects. I mean they deeply have affection toward inanimate objects. Needless to say, I spent part of my day checking it out.

The first person featured in the documentary grew up in Farmington, Maine and that got me even more intrigued. Her first love was a bridge in Farmington. She moved on, and fell in love with the Eiffel Tower, later the Berlin Wall, and now is obsessed with a crane.

Then there's woman whose life-long love is a carnival ride.

There's the priest who loves his soundboard and the guy who has a loving relationship with his car.

Who am I to judge? If they are happy and aren't hurting or bothering others, so be it.

Now, leave me alone with my special TV remote!