A New Hampshire legislator is pushing to lower the drinking age to 18 with some restrictions. According to WGME, New Hampshire State Representative Max Abramson introduced House Bill 1606, which says the goal is to stop excessive drinking among minors. The bill would allow people 18-20 to drink beer or wine as long as they don't get drunk and they're with someone over the age of 21. It says the intent is so younger people will start drinking alcohol while under adult supervision. "I think to pass such a legislation would be irresponsible," said acting Portsmouth Police Chief David Mara. Mara says more than 1/3 of all fatalities in New Hampshire are caused by drunk driving. He fears any changes to the drinking age would come with consequences. "There are more alcohol related deaths in this country than the current heroin epidemic," Mara added. IF the bill were to pass, it would take effect January of 2017. (WGME)