A single column of posts and inline About tabs.  That's what the new Facebook timeline will offer. The design has showed up in New Zealand (where the lucky bums are in summertime, but I digress) according to TheNextWeb.

With the changes, posts you highlight will no longer be stretched to cover the width of your timeline. It will, however, stay at the top of your timeline as the first post. Well, that's kind of cool!

The new single column design will align posts vertically on your Timeline like it was in the old days to emphasize the user-generated content. This left-side column will be given more screen space than before. Everything in right-side of the column including recent activities, friends list, and the Facebook games that you’ve played will, for the most part, be smaller.

When it comes to this stuff, I embrace change. The same ole static pages bore me. Bring it on, FB!