I'm not sure I believe the headline. My wife loves to buy quilting fabric and candles. She also loves a great deal at the Christmas Tree Shop! Coincidentally, so do I!! Do you really believe that? Read on!

Fact is, men and women do spend differently. Some of the differences are obvious. Some, not so much. By the way, it might be important to note that, on average, women still make only 77 cents for every dollar a man makes.

This one surprised me. Men tend to put more money into retirement than women do. When women are the head of household, they (women) give more to charity. Not surprisingly, men spend about twice as much as women on booze.

Here's a rundown of differences in spending according to a recent study:

1. Guys spend more on booze.

2. Women give more to charity, and they're also more LIKELY to give.

3. Men and women both like to shop when they're feeling depressed, but they buy different things.

4. Women are more likely to search for a deal.