Yes it’s an errand but it’s kind of an exciting one in a small way. I’m referring to the monthly trip (give or take) to the redemption center. When I was young and living on my own, taking back bottles to the redemption center meant a pack of cigarettes or maybe a six of beer or possibly even both. “Returnables” were also good for a few gallons of gas back in the day.

All packed up and ready to roll

Today we either donate the bottle money to the school through CLYNK or put it in the “fun fund.” What is the “fun fund?” It’s a coffee container we use that never really gets too full but gets our change, singles and bottle return money. Sometimes I put small windfalls in the “fun fund” as well. We usually use it for something like concessions at a game or tickets for the game, Jokers, etc.


What’s fun about a trip to the redemption center is trying to guess how much you have in your bags. You try to recall if you have all smaller cans and bottles or are there a lot of two liter bottles. Today I thought I had about $8 in my four bags but it got me $10.20. Not too bad.


Our trips to the redemption center are going to get further apart because I cut back on soda and Lynn dropped drinking it altogether. We also bought a water bubbler and that eliminates all of the Poland Spring half liter bottles. I guess for health and the environment we're doing a good thing but for excitement over nickels? Not so much!

Somewhat related, here is my favorite "Nickel-back" song.