One of the many reasons I love my job is I get to meet so many interesting and wonderful people. This is the case recently, and it all stared on the Moose Morning Show with one of our daily contest winners. We interacted on facebook and I discovered her incredible story.

Summer Main is a mom from Waterville who has a child with epilepsy. In talking with Summer, I discovered some things I never knew. Epilepsy is the least funded neurological disorder and there are very few resources in Maine. For example, she has to drive an hour and a half to see her son, Elijah's, pediatric neurologist. The only office in Bangor recently closed. As Summer told me, "it stinks for us in Waterville... it REALLY stinks for anyone living in the northern half of our state" as the closest pediatric neurologist is in Scarborough! Plus, the only support group that she is aware of is in the southern part of the state in Biddeford.

Elijah and Summer recently made an emotional video for 'Epilepsy Awareness Month.' Her goal is to get information out to the public about epilepsy. That's why we are sharing their story and invited Summer to join us on the Moose Morning Show. Please take a moment to watch their video and hear their story. Thank you!

Summer Main on the Moose Morning Show

There is also a special benefit event for epilepsy, 'The 3rd Annual Candlelight Dinner & Silent Auction,' Saturday night (Nov. 16) at the Double Tree Hotel, Maine Mall Rd., Portland.

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