I don't believe it but maybe broccoli IS his favorite food. That's what the president told a group of children recently at a White House event honoring kids who won a healthy recipe contest.

Now because this is all part of First Lady Michelle Obama's anti-obesity campaign, what's he going to say at an event like this? Ooooh, kids, forget about vegetables...Kit Kats and Snickers are where it's at! Doubtful. He's got to walk a fine line on this issue. He did say he likes hot dogs but prefers broccoli. Really? So someone who likes hot dogs is going to say no to a Bolley's Famous Frank and instead get a couple of little green trees for lunch? Not likely...but I can't prove it.

I'd like to be a fly on the wall when the president picks up a piece of junk food and Michelle catches him. I'll bet it's the only time he feels a little less than presidential. That's my humble opinion.

Bush liked pork rinds and pretzels, Clinton took midnight runs for Big Macs. President Obama is happy with broccoli. Sure, Mr. President, whatever.