The obesity epidemic isn't just affecting families; it's impacting our pets as well. Too much love, in the form of treats, and too much food and a lack of exercise is often the culprit. Um, are we talking about me or my pets?  The thing is a chubby pet can be cute, but the extra pounds could be taking a big toll on your pet.

More than half of cats and dogs are overweight. I have even canine weight loss products and programs, but for pets and people it comes down to watching what goes into our bodies, healthier treats and yes, good old exercise. Dogs, cats and people are not supposed to be to rolly-polly, you should be able to feel your dog's ribs and your dog should be broader over the rib cage with a bit of a tuck or taper towards the back legs. So give you little fur baby some extra love instead of a food treat and some exercise and everyone will be happier and healthier.