The Celebrity Waiter Dinner for the Sexual Assault Crisis and Support Center at Augusta's Calumet Club on Saturday night brought together some of Maine's finest. From Maine humorist Gary Crocker (Clark Kent) to Senator Roger Katz (Super Banana). There was TV weatherman Russ Murley (Mr. Incredible), Representative Gay Grant, Olympic skier Julie Parisien and Augusta mayor and Deputy Attorney General Bill Stokes. That barely scratches the surface!

Everyone in attendance was there for a specific help bolster an organization that gives support to those who have encountered some type of sexual assault in their lives. The organization is there to help, both materially and emotionally, those who are most vulnerable in our society and they survive and thrive, in large part, with help from this and other fundraisers throughout the year.

There are many reasons to come to this event. The silent auction with many one-of-a-kind items, the live auction, which always includes the actual license plates of the state police chief and several majors in the department, and the entertainment offered up by the wait staff, for tips of course.

There was an impromptu rock band (the first number featured Yellow Brick Road's Kevin Ostrowski on drums and the second two had Russ Murley beating the skins). There was also the reprise of a song written by Birdie Katz for her show 'The Singing Chef,' called 'Making Whoopie (pies).' Birdie sang that song on an episode which featured Renee and me making, what else, whoopie pies. During the tune last night, Birdie played the piano, Gay Grant sang the song and Amy Bouchard (Batgirl) of Wicked Whoopies and I stirred bowls and chimed in at the end of each refrain with a spoken, "piiiieeeees." You had to be there. It was precious!

Julie Parisien took the audience through an olympic ski run, Secretary of State Matt Dunlap (aka 'Spidey') and a pile of others rocked out Gangnam Style and I got to enjoy the whole thing from stage right where, as Wonder Woman, I took care of the miking and music for the evening and was ever-so proud to do it.

Fittingly, the night ended with a conga line in which everyone at the Calumet Club joined together to top off the night and, just before the final goodnights, Donna Strickler, exectutive director of the center thanked everyone and joined all of the celebrity waiters in singing along with Kelly Clarkson's 'Stronger.'

Thanks to all participants and attendees for making this night of superheroes a night to remember! Also thank you to Roger Pomerleau for making my night as Wonder Woman possible!