Can you imagine? You come home from vacation and you have to break into your own home because your key will not work.  Then you find your home empty.  After two weeks, the police tell you the investigation is done and you have no real answers. The house was foreclosed upon by the bank. OHHH, but it was not the correct house and not even the woman’s bank! Silly bank.

But the bank is not doing anything to make good.  The woman, Katie Barnett of McArthur, Ohio, said she presented a bill to the bank manager for $18,000 to replace all the stuff they …well…’took’. According to Barnett “he got very firm with me and said, ‘We’re not paying you retail here, that’s just the way it is.’”

Really?  Officials are letting this happen? The bank is not accepting that a mistake did happen? No one is stepping in and calling a time out to get this innocent woman an answer?  If I were that bank president I would write that check and then some. Katie sounds like she just wants the replace the stuff she can.  Let’s face it, they must have tossed out lots of stuff that may not be worth anything in dollars, but are personal and have deeper meaning.