Two interesting "on this dates"  in music for December 27. First, "December '63 (Oh What A Night) by The Four Seasons was released for the first time back in 1975 and Mark Morrison was arrested outside a night club on this day back in 1997.

"December '63" has been re-released since. Twice, once back in 1988 and again in 1993. The song in both the updates has stayed pretty true to the roots. Still to this day on Top 40 the '88 or '93 mix still gets a spin as an "oh wow" and can be heard on retro segments, like Retro Lunch which runs noon to 1 pm weekdays and Retro Pop Reunion which airs, 8 am to noon on Sundays on the Moose. "December '63..." I will say we are well over due for an update on the song. 1993 was quite awhile ago.

As for Mark Morrison, he was arrested outside of a night club for threatening an off duty office with a stun gun. I'm not sure if this claim to fame still holds true but at the time, Mark Morrison had been the only artist ever to have a #1 hit and at the same time be incarcerated. That hit was "Return of the Mack"