Rite-Aid in Bangor is going to be adding security guards to try and stop the wave of pharmacy robberies happening.  While Augusta is the community with the most pharmacies for the year (so far), 4 of the 54 pharmacy robberies in Maine this year have been at the same Bangor Rite Aid.

The security guards will rotate to the different Rite-Aid location in the Bangor area. Police and the pharmacies have been working together on the whole issue. And what they are doing making a difference on clearing these crimes. Officials are working it, of the state’s 54 pharmacy robberies this year, 42 have ended with arrests. Maine DEA said that is a clearance rate of about 78%. Pharmacies have doing a lot with training and putting in high-quality cameras so they are able to provide officials will better images. These are the things I know about; I would imagine there are other security measures in place as well.

As for the security guards in pharmacies, I think it’s a great idea.  I hope pharmacies all over the state adopt this tool to use in this crime wave.  I live I Augusta and twice this year I have gone to my local pharmacy and found the police there because of a robbery. I would love to see on-site security.