We all have pet peeves. What are some of yours? Long lines at the cash register or seeing someone litter comes to mind and are a couple of examples. I know a friend's pet peeve is when you're driving behind someone who throws a cigarette butt out the window which of course comes right at you while you're driving. I don't like it either but ask me when I was a smoker, I thought it was wrong but I understood. Anything 'out of order' is another pet peeve of mine, for instance soda machines, public bathrooms and ATMs. They are the biggest culprits and I sometimes feel that the 'out of order' signs are just up so you won't use whatever it is and it works perfectly fine.

One other pet peeve I have is when people don't return their shopping carts to the cart corrals. This ticks me off for a number of reasons. The first being the abandoned cart usually takes up a parking spot. Rogue carts also make for fewer carts inside where they are dry and warm to pull away for shopping and lastly, it's the laziness factor. I often park next to a corral just so I can be lazy and not look it. I know many don't like parking next to cart corrals for fear of dings on their car or have little ones and makes it tough while shopping alone with them.

Take care of your carts people. Either put them in a corral or take them back to the store.

These pictures were taken last night at a major retailer in Auburn. I don't put all of the blame on shoppers because I think the store manager could have sent employees out to round them up.

Merry Christmas.