According to Only In Your State, one of the most haunted places in New England is located right here in Central Maine.  No, it's not the "Devil's Footprint" cemetery in Manchester (but, that's pretty haunted / creepy, too).  It's actually....

The Boothbay Opera House!

Built in 1894, it originally house government offices and was used as a meeting place for organizations like the Knights Of Pythias and the Freemasons.  Since 2005, it has served solely as a performance space and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

some of the strange occurrences include a presence that is felt in a second floor meeting space that used to be used by the Knights Of Pythias.

Many people feel a strange presence around the opera house's piano.  Since 1949, there have been several occurrences of the piano "playing itself".  Most people believe the phantom pianist to be Earl Cliff.  Mr. Cliff was the pianist for the theater program in the early 1900s and may not be happy with changes to the facility over the last century.

Haunted or not, the Boothbay Opera House is amazing!