One week until Christmas. Have you completed your shopping yet? I have done most of mine. I just need to get a few stocking stuffers, mostly ‘health and beauty’ stuff and a Yankee Swap gift for our Christmas Eve party we do at my wife’s mother’s house.

Hard to believe the holiday is almost here. Every Christmas is always a joyous occasion in our family. Traditions, yes we have them.

Christmas Eve we hang out with the in-laws at Lynn’s mother’s where the kids get gifts from their grandmother and Aunts and Uncles.

Of course we spend Christmas morning at the house with the kids. They open their presents and Lynn usually makes a sweet breakfast, and depending on time and weather we go to Mass.

Christmas dinner is around noon at Lynn’s Uncle’s in New Gloucester with turkey and sides, just like at Thanksgiving. We more or less just relax and enjoy each others company through the afternoon.

Later in the day we spend Christmas evening with close friends our neighbors from from when we lived on Court St. in Auburn. For Christmas supper we get Chinese takeout and usually it's from Jade Garden in Lewiston. After dinner we exchange gifts, visit and talk about our upcoming yearly New Years Eve party.

That’s for the most part how we are every Christmas. How about you, what are some of your traditions?