Sometimes, you just don't know what to expect when you walk into the 92 Moose studio during the Moose Morning Show. There sat Jon, with his new 'Orange Blaze' Cabella's ball cap and his 'I'm better than thou' smirk. Renee was wearing a nifty new 'Orange Blaze' knit hat with a rosea...hope I'm writing that correctly!

Me, I had a boring old faded blue ball cap on. I wanted to be like the 'cool kids' and have a bright orange one too. I mean, what if we all ventured out into the woods together. I would want to come back alive, too!

I was sad! I thought, "Would they even let me sit at the 'cool' table with them at lunch today?"

Well, my 'dreams' came true, thanks to Scott, Manager at O'Reilly's, Western Ave., Augusta. He was listening on his way to work and swung on in to make a trade for a 92 Moose T-shirt and to put a big ole smile on my face.

Heck, we're never to proud to accept goodies! Usually we prefer food, but clothing is pretty cool, too!