Wow, what a great day. Albeit a long and exhausting day but wouldn't trade it. Yes, it's Father's Day but at our house today it was also a double birthday party and a family reunion of sorts. A couple of weeks ago we had a birthday party for Vikki with friends. Today it was a family affair. So more presents for Vikki and more cake. I said double birthday because my nephew also just turned 20. 

Picnic table

The beginning of the day included calling Mom as I do every weekend and some light cleaning before the the birthday gathering. We also ordered a picnic table from a guy in Greene. $90 for an 8' table, a deal doesn't get much better than that so we couldn't pass it up. I guess we have to paint it or it will turn gray or so I hear. Anyway, the picnic table arrives as do the guests at about noon. Chicken, burgers and hot dogs are grilling and everybody's happy.


On top of it being a birthday party it's sort of a family gathering or reunion because Lynn's sister is up from Florida with her two month old son, Owen. We ate and had cake, we chit we chat, some took naps and no not Owen or Vikki, some adults. Good times.

Hopefully we'll get grass. Fingers crossed!

The party wraps up around 5pm. Then it is time for a trip to Lowe's. Throughout the past few days Lynn and Dylan mostly had been working on our makeshift patio while I was making radio magic (haha). They were taking bricks from a walkway and rearranging them into a rectangle patio and in doing so moved some soil on to a sandy spot in our yard. We have sandy patches in part of our backyard so I wanted see if I grass seed on the soil covered sand would grow grass. On top of that, our garden hose burst today. Not sure why? Maybe improper care, inferior quality? We didn't pay much for the hose last year so at any rate, it was time to replace . On the list; a new garden hose and grass seed.


We ended up getting that "As Seen On TV" Pocket Hose for $20. We bought three to get 150 feet. We've only used it once and that was tonight to both water down the seeds and to hook up a sprinkler for a few minutes. The Pocket Hose seems to work well. The only negative I can give it is that the hose is more narrow so the water pressure isn't as high.

So now it's time for me on Father's Day. Okay, not really but the day is done and I can now relax. I hope everyone had a good Father's Day.