When I lived in Auburn, I always went to a couple of farm stands to get some sweet corn on the cob. My go to places were Blackies on Minot Avenue in Auburn and Wallingford's Farm Stand by Lake Auburn.

I've lived in Augusta for just over eleven years now and while the local supermarket has had some very good corn on the cob, I realized that I don't have that 'go to' farm stand anymore.

So, I got the brilliant idea to ask our listeners where the best place in central Maine is to get sweet corn on the cob (apples and apple cider soon). Wow, did you guys come through!

Here are some locations that you suggested:

Seaman's in Litchfield
Poulin's Vegetable Stand in Cornville
Spears Farm in Waldoboro
Christiansons Farm Stand in Readfield
White Water Farm in New Sharon
Dick's Veggies in Norridgewock
Floods Farm in Clinton
Cray Farms in Palmyra
Bradstreet Farms in Newport
Williams Farm in Anson

Keep adding to the list!