Oxford has a new (sorta') entertainment venue!

According to the Sun Journal the renovated Flagship Cinema showed its first movie on Wednesday evening.  After being the only theater in Oxford Hills for 17 years, it theater closed in September 2014 due to falling ticket sales.  Workers spent months installing digital projectors, updated sound systems, new comfortable seating, and a brand new concession stand.

Prices will be higher than they were when the theater closed in 2014, but the increase will be worth it.  The nicer seating will be way more comfortable and you'll be able to reserve your seats.  And, the name has been changed to FPC (Flagship Premium Cinema).

Opening week's movies include: "The Secret Life of Pets," "Pete's Dragon," "Jason Bourne," "Suicide Squad," "War Dogs," "Bad Moms" and "Sausage Party." The thriller "Don't Move" opens today.