You might have heard about the recent car accident my wife and daughter were involved in. They walked away from a collision that rolled our SUV over and forced it to slide down the side of the road. They went to the ER and left with bruises and scrapes. We thought everything was okay. It turns out we were wrong.

That accident was 11 days ago. Today for the second time in 4 days I have had to bring my daughter to the doctors because of concussion symptoms. She has had headaches, dizziness and the feeling of nausea the past few days. Today, she couldn't make it through school after vomiting.

Her doctor, after going through protocols this afternoon, decided she should go to the ER, where they elected to do a CT scan. Everything is okay, but she will have to take it really easy for a few weeks.

The bottom line, and why I am sharing this story, is she should never have had to go through with this, if it was not for a careless driver.

Just the other day Matt James told me how he was following a young woman who was texting and then applying make-up. I see it every day. People with their phones in front of them, either talking on the speaker or texting, which is illegal, by the way.

You can't tell me you are not distracted. Things can change in the blink of an eye. Do you want to be responsible for someone's serious injury or death, because you just had to Snap Chat?

STOP! Put down your phone when you are driving. Better yet, put it in the glove compartment. Is any call or text that important that you are endangering another's well being?