Yesterday I tried to download the Pokemon GO app. IT looks fun…the game takes you out side and you play the game that way.  Anyway…I did not download it…I had some problems. Now I am glad…I was reading this morning the app also haw WAY to much assess to your info, like you G-mail email! 

CNN reported they are fixing that and said that whatever info it did have access to was minimal, but still.

Also, just be careful when you play.  Don’t go into areas that might be closed after dark or that you would not go to on a regular basis.  Pay attention to your surroundings.  Do not get so absorbed in the game that you run into people or make yourself a traffic hazard.  Pay attention to who is around you so you don’t make yourself a target.  If you are in an area  that you are not familiar with make sure you have enough charge on your phone to find your way home. AND, AND, AND don’t play the game and drive!