According to published reports on WGME's website, police in Gardiner are warning people to look out for possible explosive devices left in the area by a man who has been accused of murdering his father.According to the report, Leroy Smith III has been accused of murdering his father, Leroy Smith II, in Gardiner and burying his body in Richmond. Smith III was in court today and he did not enter a plea.

According to information from the Richmond police, there have been reports of "improvised pyrotechnic devices" possibly left by Smith III off known trails in the wooded areas of Gardner and Richmond. Police said they have been "actively searching the wooded areas of both communities with personnel on foot and trained Maine State Police K9 units."

Police said the devices may resemble cardboard tubes with fishing line and duct tape attached to them. Anyone who finds an item like this is cautioned not to touch it in any way, but to call police at 582-3211 or 737-8518 so they can respond and investigate safely.

According to a joint release from the Gardiner and Richmond police departments, the devices may have been meant to be used as signaling devices. Police added the reports of the possible explosive devices are unverified. "If these devices exist, the information learned about the construction of the device leads us to believe that the probability of the device working as intended is minimal," police said.

According to the WGME report, police believe that Smith may have put the devices in place to find out where people were walking. The report said that Smith III has told police he was looking for a place to grow marijuana in the area.