I probably wrote something similar back in November at the time of the general election. Writing here to remind people of how important it is to vote, whether it is in November or June. Or at other times of the year as the case may be.

It was nice to see Auburn Hall busy this morning. My wife and I actually had to wait in line. While in line I overheard a couple speaking. When it comes to the possibility of voter theft, the guy behind me said it best when he overhead someone saying something about looking for their license. "We're not here doing anything important like buying alcohol." I do think there should be some kind of name verification at the polls. You need ID when you register or move but not when you vote. So the whole argument about disenfranchising voters is ridiculous.

We live in an age of social media and we're closer than ever to each others information. It wouldn't take much for someone to slip in before me and tell them my name and address. It could be to block my vote, a prank or some other reason, it really doesn't matter. I don't know, the checker at least shouldn't have the page out open when asking for the address. I can see it right there and easily displayed to read. Maybe if you were asked the last two or four numbers in your social security number? You need one of those to vote right?  State IDs are only like $5-$10 dollars?

But anyway I digress, I really hope tonight when I tune in for the results there are more than 1,000 people who voted. 2.4 million dollars is a lot of city money for 90% of people not to care.