Today, June 18, Portland Mayor Michael Brennan and Creative Portland Corp. Executive Director Jennifer Hutchins held a news conference to unveil a new city slogan: ‘Portland. Yes. [It’s all] good here’

I wonder how much the consultants got for this one?

You, me and a six pack could have come up with a better slogan during lunch?

I guess the idea is to replace the [It's all] with whatever you want to fit the city's needs. At the news conference they revealed some examples, such as: 'Portland. Yes. Art’s Good Here' and 'Portland. Yes. Biking’s Good Here' or how about 'Portland. Yes. Lobster’s Good Here? Don't forget, the main one they hope will stick, 'Portland. Yes. Life’s Good Here.'

Just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

Alrighty, then! How about your town or city? Let's have some fun and come up with slogans that represent our hometowns! Feel free to comment yours.