I saw our post about the different kinds of Coca Cola sold throughout the world and it got me thinking about “New Coke.” Anyone remember that from the 80s? I remember liking it to a point, not as much as original Coke, but it was all right. After all of these years I wish I could try it again just to see if I would like it now.

Crystal Pepsi was another gimmicky soda concept. I remember giving it a try, I don’t remember if I thought one way or the other about it. What?! It’s clear but it tastes like caramel.

A food with a gimmick which is no longer around is the McDLT. McDonald’s kept the hot side hot and cold side cold. They have the Big n Tasty and the deluxe Quarter Pounders to replace the McDLT, but who can forget George Costanza dancing in the street singing about the McDLT?

The Honda Prelude at one time had four wheel steering. I have never driven one nor ridden in one so I can’t tell you how effective the idea was.

For clothing, did you ever own a Hypercolor t-shirt? They were the shirts that would change color with heat. So yes, if you sweat, the shirt would change color and yes I wore one.

AM stereo was fad from the early 80s. AM radio, if they were playing music had to compete with the better audio of FM, so AM came after FM with AM stereo. AM stereo did live longer than I thought, its decline wasn’t until the 90s, but I don’t remember it much after about 1982 or 1983.

I’m sure if I thought longer and harder on this subject I could come up with a few more, maybe you have one or two you remember?