After the first break, I asked Licia Morelli how long she's been doing psychic readings on the radio. I was utterly shocked and speechless when she replied, "this is the first time..."

This woman is a natural. From the first words out of her mouth to her last, this morning, I was in awe of her natural ability to connect, not just with us in the studio, but people who called in. Licia is at ease, well spoken, a ball of energy and smiles and a terrific "to the point" psychic. Not to mention, she has a great voice!

This morning (the first of many, I hope), she was doing "love connection" type readings of our listeners. I wish we had time to take more callers because the phones didn't stop ringing!

Coming up on the 27th of this month, Licia will be at the 92 Moose Singles Mingle at Champions in the Elm Plaza in Waterville. Perfect for anyone looking to make just the right connection that night! You'd better get your tix soon, though.

Hear a couple of callers from this morning