Once in a while it is necessary to purge the closet of clothes that haven't been worn in a long time or clothes that are fraying, wearing out, etc. Today I decided to debate whether to bag a few things for Goodwill or hang on to them.

I still have a couple of pieces of clothing I came into the relationship with. I have a Pepsi sweatshirt and a few other clothing items which I never wear but just hold onto. Why? No reason, except for one thing I have. I have held on to it because my wife bought it for me. It's a Manny Ramirez Red Sox jersey. It's a quite a sad state of affairs. Lynn bought it for me the Father's Day of 2008, the year he was traded to the Dodgers, which was only six weeks later at the trade deadline.

The jersey was only relevant for 6 weeks. For years it's been an awkward topic. I won't wear it and Lynn bought it for me. She understands the reasons for me not wearing it as he is long gone from the team and somewhat no longer politically correct.

Bye, bye #24 from the closet. There are two things learned from this. Never buy a good quality jersey with a player's name and always appreciate the thought that goes into a gift. I love you Lynn and thank you for being thoughtful on Father's Day in 2008 and today as I "Goodwill" the jersey.