Super Bowl XLVII is almost 3/4 through and it's a school night so we're trying to put the boys to bed. Even worse now since the power outage at the Super Dome is making the game longer. One night out of the year so I guess it's okay for them to stay up a little later. It could be worse, it could be a baseball playoff game starting at 8:30 pm.

We've started the process of bed time, the brushing of the teeth, the pjs, etc. They were willing to start letting go of the game about 20 minutes ago because at the time it looked like the Ravens were going to run away with the game but as I write this San Francisco has come back some. The 49ers are only down by 8 points, 28-20.

Enjoy the rest of the game, I'll be watching while  continuing to put the boys to bed.