Monday night in Gardiner, someone or multiple people broke into the shack stealing more than $220.00 in snacks, drinks and candy.

According to Central Maine Online,

The burglars appear to have entered the shack by prying open a mesh screen on its side window. Gardiner police are now investigating the break-in, according to Chief James Toman. He asks anyone with information to contact Officer Marcus Niedner by calling the dispatch center at 624-7076.

While Toman advised people in the area to be vigilant, he did not think the incident was related to the drug problem that has been driving more serious property crimes across the state and region.

“With most drug related crimes, you’re seeing force and you’re seeing them either stealing money or burglarizing items to trade,” Toman said. “Candy bars and bubble gum is not your typical burglary to feed a drug habit. This would be more indicative of juveniles. This seems more like a teenage gig.”

For those who don't know, the shack is a not-for-profit stand that generated around $5,000 last summer and donated all of it's proceeds to local youth organizations. Gardiner Police are currently checking with several potential suspects in the matter. If you have any information on this robbery, you are urged to contact the Gardiner Police.