Over the past week or so I've been writing about cuts in the Auburn city budget. Everything from the school budget vote, to recycling cuts and other budget decisions. After much outcry from Auburn residents, most regarding closing the New Auburn fire department for six months, the city has brought those programs back.

No word yet whether we'll be able to watch the fireworks from Goff Hill on Court St. or if there will be a gap in recycling pick up, but it is back. The recycling truck is due by my house on Thursdays, so I won't know this week because it's a holiday.

The New Auburn fire station is a big deal because we have trains coming through town on a regular basis. Some of these trains are long. Long or short trains rolling through during a fire in New Auburn would delay services by a few minutes because of rerouting trucks around Union bypass to Turner St. That is a major safety concern in most people's eyes.

I know budgets are tough everywhere and Auburn is no different, but if you want to draw residents and tourists to the city it has to be safe and desirable. One more thing I would like to add, Auburn votes on an amended school budget at Auburn Hall on July 23, 2013. Please vote.