The Boston Red Sox have decided to slash prices on concessions in April in hopes of luring back fans. Kids under 14 will get a free hot dog, Goldfish crackers and beverage before the 3rd inning. Beer prices normally $8.50 will be reduced to $5 opening month as well. There are other concession enticements as well to bring fans back.Okay, now my take.

How about reducing ticket prices so families can go. I don't really care about the price of beers if I can't get into the park first. If I can afford the ticket, chances are I can afford a few suds even at $8.50.

"Lure fans back?" Isn't Fenway soaring with a "sellout streak" still? And finally, how about spending money on the product? I still don't see how the Boston Red Sox of 2013 will place higher than 3rd in the AL East. Win games, you'll have happy fans.