We are at the height of ‘Back to School’ shopping. I have seen the flyers. A Kohl’s circular came to the house giving me 30% off plus an additional $10 if I spend $25 or more. All of the office supply stores have their deals for supplies and electronic stores are trying to sell mobile devices and computers.

One place I remember that has been out of the market for close to 15 years is Poore Simons, remember them? As an early to mid 20 something, it was a fun place to work. The clothes were fairly inexpensive and you’d see girls come in and try on LEI and Levis to name a couple of brands we had. "Do I look good in these?" I worked there from 1997 to 1998 with a great crew and upbeat management. The discounts for staff were pretty sweet too.

On a nostalgic note, who remembers buying their back to school clothes there, more specifically at the Augusta Plaza location next to Fashion Bug and Sally’s Beauty? I noticed today the old Poore Simon's location is vacant again. It’s probably been vacant for months but I’m always now concentrating on the guard rail for parking between Radio Shack and Jade Island Cleaners.

Poore Simon's has been gone for close to 15 years, where does the time go? I also want to give shouts to Mike and Dawn, Samantha, Lisha, Julie, Rebecca, Jennifer, Cory and of course Bill our manager. I know I have probably forgotten some I worked with, my apologies.