Tomorrow elementary kids will be trading Valentine's cards at their schools. My son Justin will be giving out candy with a 'to and from' already labeled on chocolates.

Remember when we were in school and traded Valentines and always hoping that you’d get one with just a little more than their name on the card?  Like, “Hi, Greg. I like your smile.” That never happened. Sadly, I always got just a card with their name.

This now has me thinking back to elementary school and the crushes which amounted to very little, but at the time were so real. Do you remember 'TLA?' How about, a heart with you and your crushes initials in the center? Bring back memories?  Playing that game of fortune called, 'M.A.S.H.' M.A.S.H.' was the acronym for mansion, apartment, shack and house. I also remember playing 'Truth or Dare.'

Like the country song goes, “'Check Yes or No.' What it was to be young and not know really what we were going to get ourselves into as teens and adults.