I am back at work and feeling ‘meh’.  I can speak and standing and socializing is not torture.   The crud in my head had caused my vision to be wonky.  The unbearable pain in my head is almost gone.  The only time I have missed more than a day at work is because of back injuries.

I have to say such a ‘thank you’ to Mac Dickson and the crew at the station. It turns out I was NOT alone.  I guess we have had five to seven people calling out sick. My doc said it was just a cold and gave me nothing. Guess I was the only one who did not have the flu. This is in addition to my co-worker and fellow Diva, Sarah, who is out for surgery and the 'other guy' who just retired.  So thank you Mac!!

It was also touch to see that people do care and reaching out to see if I was ok…if I needed something…even my neighbor who, out of the blue, offered to shovel my driveway after that messy snowstorm.  I did not tell him how that made me cry...but it did…in a good way.

The upsides of being so sick…you get to see who really loves you.