A few years ago, Alexis, our 12-year old, wanted a hamster. We have had every type of animal you can imagine with our older kids and we thought this would be a good time to teach Alexis a lesson on how much work and effort it actually takes to take care of a pet. She did a wonderful job, and 'Cutie Pie,' the hamster had a few great years, but she passed away.

It was in the middle of the winter when she died. So, what to do with the remains? Well, with other small animals, birds, fish, etc., we had 'funerals.' It was always a great way for the kids to say, 'Goodbye,' and a great life lesson. We buried them in our yard, near the woods. That was the plan for 'Cutie Pie.' The problem is the ground was frozen. Hmmmmm! We decided to pack him up in a washcloth, baggie and a little box and put him in the freezer.

I know this is gross to many, but it made perfect sense to us. Unfortunately, spring came and went and we forgot. That's the part that makes no sense.

The other day, while trying to make room for groceries, I discovered 'Cutie Pie.' Whoops!

So, Saturday (June 21) we had her 'service' and said our goodbyes.