As I write this, my wife and oldest son are at the orthodontist getting spacers put on for his braces. So, it's just me and Vikki this morning. I would be out shoveling but in my mind it's going to melt by Thursday as temps are heading to the upper 40s. Whatever doesn't melt I'll shovel then.

Instead, I'm getting laundry done, running the dishwasher and later if I get a chance, I'll get to mopping the floor. Possibly I'll vacuum too. I guess what I'm wondering is, who does what in your household?

Believe it or not, Lynn is way better with a wrench and hammer than I am. She can fix or rig pretty much anything on a car and around the house. So, I guess we have roles. However, it never was set up that way. She cooks 90% of the meals. I clean up after. I generally do the laundry. She helps the boys with homework and tends to Vikki more than I do.

We share errands, like grocery shopping. For big shops, we go together and if we need a few things, either I'll get them on the way home or she'll head out and get then if it's convenient.

The boys' responsibilities are their rooms, vacuuming, loading the dishwasher and putting away their clothes. Maybe a few other light duties when they come up.