That is my friend Amber with me in the picture. She is holding a "Run for Boston" event at 1 p.m. today. This is super easy and gives you "something" to do to show you care about what happened in Boston with the bombings on Monday. Show Boston you are thinking about them. Here is how it works...Wear yellow and blue. You are welcome to join us. Or you can do something yourself. Why blue and yellow, those are the colors of the Boston Marathon. Here the ‘Run for Boston’s idea:
1) Do it anytime Wednesday, April 17th
2) Gather your friends
3) Pick a place
4) Wear blue or yellow
5) Take a picture with a "Run for Boston" sign and post to the ‘Run for Boston’ Facebook page.

Well, that is easy-peasy!  Hope you can take a photo today (even if you don't walk) and post it to the site. Share the love!