Today is Sammy Hagar's birthday. He's 65 and that's 10 over 55. (insert rim shot). One of my favorite rock bands of all time is Van Halen. So being Sammy Hagar's birthday, this is a great time and excuse to ask that age old question. Who is better for Van Halen, Sammy Hagar or David Lee Roth? For me it's a very tough choice, Diamond Dave is more fun to watch in the videos and the band seemed to have more fun as well. Hagar was there in my teen years, but Roth is the original. Hagar did bring better vocals and writing but a more serious and produced sound to Van Halen. So, I ask again, Sammy or DRL?

"Right Now" Van Halen featuring Sammy Hagar

"Jump" featuring David Lee Roth