Here we are on edge of Hurricane Sandy hitting land in most likely New York and or New Jersey. The weather forecasters are saying we're going to get gusts of up to 65 miles an hour and tons of rain here in Maine. Crazy breezy, not sure if I've felt wind that strong before? Hope you're prepared or as much as you can be.

Hurricane Bob, I guess that was the most significant summer-autumn weather event in memory? We were in Rhode Island having our annual family reunion right on Narragansett Bay in Wickford Village in North Kingstown. We knew Bob was coming but thought we'll stay until we have to go, how bad can it be. We left to go back north a day before excepted land fall, and if memory serve I believe Bob had a second landfall in Maine or New Brunswick, Canada. We luckily beat all of Bob's fury heading home and arrived home safely.. My Uncle who owned the house on the bay rolled video. It showed the huge waves splashing on the second floor windows and seaweed sticking, just incredible. Wish I could share that video here.

You may say, "pfft, whatever" but think, here in northern New England our infrastructure, trees and whatnot aren't used to this stress from hurricanes, there's part of the danger. Have the batteries, non-perishable foods, water, etc. Be safe and if the power goes out enjoy the Chef Boyardee by candlelight and maybe a game of Monopoly. A good game of Monopoly should buy enough time until your power gets restored. If you have power or have a smartphone, you can follow Sandy here.