Thousands of people filled the great little downtown in Dover-Foxcroft Saturday for the annual Maine Whoopie Festival. When I got there, the place was packed, in spite of the fact it was pouring out!

My first order of business was to buy an umbrella -ella -ella -ay -ay -ay. All the store had left was ladybugs, flowers and frogs. I opted for the frog and commenced to make my way into the action with my umbrella, complete with big bulging eyes, wide open. It got several smiles and comments from people. I knew I'd made the right choice.

It was a real carnival atmosphere. Vendors with all sorts of things, from burgers and dogs to candy and clothing. There was even a vendor making engraved bricks (like the kind you build buildings with). Have whatever you want put on it. Kind of neat. I thought about getting Marie Anne one with my name on it. Get it? A brick with my name on it? Nevermind.

A large crowd gathered to watch a very entertaining magic show with Conjuring Carroll. He's a fantastic entertainer and people loved him! By then it had stopped raining so the umbrellas were down. Nothing worse than an open umbrella spoiling a disappearing ball trick!

As I walked back down the street, I noticed the Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society was open and went inside. GREAT memorabilia in there. I snapped a few pics which you can check out in the gallery, including an old dentists spit sink. Kids nowadays don't even know what a spit sink is. Well, back then, there was no Mr. Thirsty...there were just paper cups and a sink. You'd rinse and spit and you'd like it!

I made my way to the back side of the street where all the whoopie pie vendors were set up and started buying my treats. One for me, one for Marie Anne and a GIANT one for the Moose crew. That one came from one of my favorite places, Grant's Bakery in Lewiston. It was great to see a local favorite up nawth! On my way back to my truck, I got as many comments on my big whoopie pie going out as I did on my umbrella going in. Kinda cool.

Hats off to Patrick Myers (the head Whoopie) and his team for a GREAT event!

Maine Whoopie Festival head honcho, Patrick Myers

Being so close to Milo, I had to pay Mac Dickson's old hometown a visit. I stopped into our friend Val Robertson's place, Hobnobber's Pub (originally a hospital) and had a beverage while I talked with Kristi. Then I visited the other side of town where I stopped at Harris Field, which was named for Murrell Harris, a friend of ours who was instrumental in putting on a Moose Parade back in 2006. Great memory! There's a video of the Parade below.