I am not writing this to tell you how to vote by any means, but to say how important this is to you if you live in Auburn (or any other town for that matter.) Tomorrow, Auburn votes on the school budget. The city is looking for a 6.9% increase over last year to make the budget for the 2013-2014 school year $38.4 million. The state is supplying a little over $760,000, but it would mean an increase in property taxes.

The money is devoted to education but it will increase your property tax per year $100 on average, maybe higher for some, maybe less for others. Compounded with the municipal budget, the taxes would be even higher.

I would encourage voting on budgets in whatever municipality you live in because if you don't, a very small number will decide how your money is spent. These aren't abstract dollars, these dollars affect you, me, businesses and how well our children are educated, garbage collection, road maintenance, first responders, etc. It's a balancing act, I get it, but if you're silent, then don't whine later. Here is other side of the argument supporting the increase.

I know many who own homes who don't have children in schools who will vote it down, I know there are many on the other side who will pass it just because. Be as educated on the matter as you can be on what you're voting on, then make your decision and vote. To me 300 people voting in a city of 15,000 or so registered voters isn't right and doesn't really represent the people. Let's get out there to City Hall and vote tomorrow