Half the night, Selena Gomez was running through my head with "Love You Like a Love Song." Over and over and over and over again. Couldn't sleep for the darned song! Now, I know what to do if that happens again!

Scientists say when there's a song stuck in your head it's because it's dominating your working memory. Jeez, thanks scientists. I would have never guessed!

Here's the trick. Replace the song by occupying your mind with something reasonably challenging like a puzzle, say Sudoku or a video game. Just make sure the thing you choose to occupy your head isn't too hard or too easy or it won't work. It needs to challenge you but it also has to be doable or else your mind won't be engaged enough.

I tried it and it worked. I played classic Super Mario Brothers next time I got Selena stuck in my brain. Only problem was, I couldn't get the Mario Brothers song out of my head!