Earlier today I was bantering with a few people about Scrapple. Until a friend mentioned something about it on Facebook today, I had no idea what it was. I’ve never had it and probably never will. I guess it is scraps of pork product ground up together. I will eat a hot dog once in awhile and those are mushed together parts of pork, beef and chicken, right? 

Are there any foods you’ve never had or have had that you’d never eat, moving forward? Some other foods that I can't bring myself to eat or wouldn't eat are pickled pigs feet, baked beans and liver and sauerkraut. Sardines, that's another food I can't stand and I don't understand how it sells enough to stay on shelves, gross! I'm not big on eggnog either. My wife and kids love that stuff but it’s too thick for me. I don’t like milk or thick drinks in general.  I’ll put milk in coffee and it has to be fresh, like I just opened the jug fresh, to use it on cereal. I almost forgot about quiche. I'm probably not going to be eating that again either.

I have had baked beans and I’ve gagged. I shiver just thinking about eating them. I'm not very big on cheesecake either but I love cream cheese and bagels. Some other oddities when it comes to food and me are that I cannot stand the edge or top of my lasagna noodles crunchy. The noodles have to be buried completely in cheese and not baked to the point of hard.

Unless it is a stir-fry with crunchy vegetables, I'm not too big on mixed dishes. I like my food side by side. Yes, it mixes after a few bites,  but it’s not shepherd’s pie. I haven’t had a meatloaf I’m crazy about either.

I go back and forth on a few foods, like peanut butter. I go through phases where I’ll eat it and times that I don’t. I’m like that with French toast as well. I don’t see myself as a finicky eater but as I write this I see that I am fussier than I thought.  Now, I’m hungrier than I thought.