I hope you join us for Kid Fest this Sunday at Champions in Waterville. Like last year we’ll have a ton of fun and excitement with kids’ activities, slides, music, food and entertainment. This year we’re proud to present Jeff Musial ‘The Animal Guy’. You’ve seen him with Jimmy Fallon and on ‘Today’ and now you can see him at Kid Fest.

He’ll be bringing his animal friends, including an alligator, kangaroo and his spider monkey named ‘Bella’.

Spider monkeys generally come from Central and South America and live off of nuts, fruit and eggs found in the treetop branches.

Spider monkeys hangout in small groups of two to four and are very nimble as they seemingly fly from tree to tree.

Here's Jeff with Bella at an earlier show:

You can see one in person this Sunday, April 6 at Champions in Waterville. Jeff Musial will have two shows, the first one at 11 am and the second at 2 pm. For details and tickets, click here.